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All of our bedrooms are tastefully decorated, have digital LCD flat screen televisions and offer vanity facilities. Many rooms have en-suite facilities. We have two companion rooms for those wishing to share with a partner, friend or relative.

Each room has a nurse call system for residents to alert nursing staff day or night enabling staff to respond promptly to a resident's needs. The system is linked to our computer network to enable monitoring and audit of calls logged.

The use of Huntleigh and Hill-Rom electric profile beds throughout the home ensures exceptional comfort, effortless and accurate positioning and push-button tilt thereby providing improved postural support and enhanced pressure and shear reduction.

All bedroom doors are fitted with a unit which gives control of the door to the resident, promoting independence, privacy and choice. The fitted unit removes all closing forces which means the door behaves like a 'normal' door, the door can be opened and closed, left in any position, day or night. It is only when the fire alarm is activated that the closing action engages and closes the door from any open position.

There are two lifts in order to ensure that all residents have the freedom of movement to all floors.

Special bathrooms and shower rooms are equipped to enable resident's to enjoy trouble free bathing and showering.

Resident's are able to benefit from access to any one of three separate lounges and two conservatories.