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Cornmill is continuing to further its programme of providing 'a person centred' approach to services for our residents. It is fundamental when providing care to someone that we are able to separate what is 'Important to' ie what really matters to the person and 'Important for' ie the assistance or support that the person needs to stay healthy, safe and well.

This work is enhancing us to build trust and confidence in the service that we provide at Cornmill for the resident and their family. It can make a huge difference to everyone in getting to know the resident and understand who they are rather than just seeing a person as a set of needs or problems to be sorted out, when building new relationships and friendships in the resident's new home.

We are committed to improving outcomes and providing high quality personalised support. Each resident is regarded as an individual, with their own preferences and requirements.

"The manner with which each and every member of your team took care of him was simply outstanding. They are all a credit to themselves and to your organisation."

- Friend & Colleague of the late EB

NHS Gold Standards Framework

Cornmill is a 'NHS Gold Standards Framework' accredited home and has achieved the highest standard 'BEACON' status.

The Gold Standards Framework (GSF) is a systematic evidence based approach to optimising the care for persons nearing the end of their lives.

All residents deserve the best care that we can provide the 'gold standard of care'. This means you and your family receive high quality support, potential problems are anticipated and reduced, and staff are able to provide the right care at the right time in the right way.

You have the right to live the final years of your life as comfortably and happily as possible, just as you would wish.

To provide the best possible care we need to know what is important to all concerned and what the resident's needs and preferences are for the future.

The aim of any discussion about thinking ahead, often called an 'Advance Care Plan' discussion, is to develop a better understanding and recording of a residents priorities, needs and preferences and those of their families.

This should support planning and provision of care and enable better planning ahead to best meet these needs. This philosophy of 'hoping for the best but preparing for the worst' enables a more proactive approach and ensures that it is more likely that the right thing happens at the right time.

We encourage 'Advance Care Plan' discussions to take place at an early stage on entering the Cornmill, preferably on admission. We are aware of the sensitivity of some of the issues, some may not wish to discuss all fully but prefer to review and reconsider.